Experience and Dedication to Fighting for Your Long Term Disability Claim

When your disability insurance claim has been delayed, denied, or terminated outright, we can help. The Newfield Law Group believes clients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, while we go after insurance companies with aggressive tenacity. Jason Newfield has represented thousands of clients whose claims have been denied by long term insurance companies. When your attorney knows in advance the strategies the insurance company will deploy to combat your claim, the result is effective representation and has created a strong track record.

Disability insurance claims are complicated and challenging. The deck is very clearly stacked in the insurance company’s favor, which is why your law firm selection is so important. You need to know your case is being handled by the most qualified and experienced disability insurance lawyer. You have to have confidence in how they are managing your case. And you have to trust that your disability insurance lawyer understands how much you and your family are counting on them to do the best possible job they can. Like it is their family they are representing.

About Jason Newfield Founder

Founder Jason Newfield understands the importance of the disability claimants’ cases he takes on. Unlike most of his peers, he has represented family in this process. He knows how much is at stake, and this is why he works one-on-one with clients. Your case will not be passed along to a junior associate to handle. Mr. Newfield will be involved in every part of your case. This personal representation makes a big difference. It is where the passion meets the compassion.

Meet New Field Law Group Founder

Support Throughout the Disability Process

Clients come to Newfield Law Group at various stages of their disability insurance claim. While our preference is to work with you before you file a claim, where we can spot issues and resolve them before they become problems, we take on clients whose claims have been delayed, denied or terminated at any stage of the disability insurance claim process.

Calling us before you file a disability claim allows us to help prepare your claim to be as robust as possible from the start. We work with you and even with your treating physician to be sure your medical reports include diagnostic tests, and that language in your medical records reflects your inability to perform the material tasks and duties of your occupation. When appropriate and necessary, we work with occupational experts and other testers, to document the work you do and the physical, mental and emotional capacity needed to accomplish your job and how and why you are no longer able to do so effectively (and often safely).

If you’ve already filed a claim and the disability insurance company is asking for more documentation, you should call our office at (877) 406-7883 before providing these documents to find out how we can help. Often, the insurance company seeks more information as a means of delaying your case or looking for a reason to deny your claim. However, the disability insurance policy outlines exactly what the insurance company is entitled to. We have seen many instances where the insurance company is asking for financial records it has no right to—but without proper guidance, you may not know this.

What if my disability claim has been denied?

This is the time to call our office and learn how we can help. If your claim is governed by ERISA, you have a limited number of days to file an appeal. Once the deadline is passed, you may have permanently lost your right to appeal the denial. During your free consultation, we can determine what your options are, what needs to happen and what you need to do.

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What if my disability claim has been terminated?

This is a scary scenario, but it is one where we can help. Your disability insurance policy is a legal contract between you (or your employer) and the insurance company. They have certain rights – but so do you. The insurance company has an army of lawyers, claims adjusters, investigators, doctors and nurses whose sole focus is to find ways to deny or terminate claims. That’s why you need an experienced disability claims attorney.

The Newfield Law Group fights for clients, drawing on more than two decades of experience in the disability insurance law practice area. We have done this long enough to anticipate problems before they arise, preventing our clients from getting drawn into protracted and unnecessary battles and staying focused on the final results.

Call us at (877) 406-7883 to learn how we can help you fight back to get the disability insurance benefits you paid for and expected to receive. Don’t wait—there are strict time limits and the sooner we begin, the better we can work to protect you and help you navigate this challenging process.