Disability Management Services  aka Davies Life & Health Claim Denial Attorneys

Disability Management Services, which was acquired by Davies Life & Health in 2021, is not an insurance company, but a third-party administrator (TPA), management company which works to protect insurance companies from the cost of paying benefits for  individual and group disability policies.   Often, blocks of business are managed by third parties, who may or may not have a financial interest in the business.

We include them here because of the enormous impact DMS has on long term disability insurance claims.  Many insurance companies and older blocks of disability insurance are managed by DMS.  They are nearly as big as the insurance companies they service, reportedly managing more than one million claims around the globe in a variety of insurance areas. They work for disability insurance companies, brokers, self-insured corporations and other insurance entities. 

While their website describes the company as working to provide policy holders with “exceptional customer service, maximum efficiency, and above all respect,” our more than two decades of experience in the disability space gives us a far different perspective.  DMS’ claim philosophy and true goal is to manage claims and contain costs. Our job is to fight DMS to successfully represent our clients so they are paid the benefits they deserve.  We advocate for our clients with DMS tirelessly, often anticipating what they will seek, and pre-empting such activity. 

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How Many Long Term Disability Insurance Companies Use DMS?

You purchased a disability insurance policy from one insurance company, but DMS is the company you or your disability attorney will be doing battle with to get your claim benefits. Companies under the DMS umbrella include Penn Mutual, AXA Equitable, MONY Life Insurance Company, and Mass Casualty, among many others. Claimants are often confused when an envelope or an email arrives from DMS, as they expect to hear from their insurance company. 

Think of DMS as the older sibling who comes out swinging when the younger sibling makes a trade in the schoolyard and then decides they want to undo the trade.

What DMS calls “cost-effective administration” is what we call denying, delaying and wrongfully terminating disability insurance claims. The Newfield Law Group has successfully represented many claimants whose disability insurance benefits were denied by DMS. Just as we are known by insurance company attorneys, we are known by the DMS employees for our assertive and knowledgeable representation of clients.

Do You Have to Talk With Davies/Disability Management Services if They Contact You?

Newfield Law Group clients are advised not to speak with any insurance company representatives, including those from DMS, without our guidance. For most of our clients, we are the sole point of contact for insurance companies or DMS personnel. We do this for a reason.

DMS has a well-deserved reputation for bullying claimants, which we have heard from clients and colleagues in the disability insurance legal arena. Claimants are already vulnerable when dealing with a disability. Making matters worse by having to deal with an unpleasant person from DMS isn’t only unnecessary, it can cause someone to make a significant mistake and put their claim at risk.  Sharing inappropriate information, getting angry at the representative, telling the representative things they have no right to ask, are all possibilities that can occur easily when talking with someone from DMS. 

Dentists and Davies/DMS 

Davies/DMS is the third-party administrator for many policies sold to dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons and others in the dental health space. We know that any dentist faced with a disability is not stopping their career because they want to. Unlike physicians working for a large medical system, most dentists are still enjoying the benefits of working in their own practice or a small partnership. Most dentists truly enjoy their practices and patients, but when their disabilities make it impossible for them to safely practice, they know it’s necessary to file for disability.

When first encountering the small army of specialists employed by Davies/DMS to evaluate and challenge their disability insurance claim, the dentist is overwhelmed. How many people are on the Davies/DMS payroll? As it turns out, there are many. The Davies/DMS position is not “innocent until proven guilty.” It’s more like “malingering until proven otherwise.” 

Could this Happen to You?

We had a Dentist with a claim that was being challenged, and where the insurer wanted to pursue a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).   We chose to manage that process by having testing performed with a vendor we found who was qualified and would perform the testing to best replicate the treatment environment, something the insurer-demanded testing would not.  This allowed our results to be more pronounced, but also more accurate to the treatment environment.  Using this result, we avoided the testing, and DMS is paying our client’s claim.

Medical experts are on the payroll to evaluate medical records and diagnostic tests with a fine-tooth comb, looking for reasons the dentist might be able to work in another area of their practice. Vocational experts are trying to come to the same conclusion. Investigators are conducting field visits, interviewing the claimant, neighbors and people in the dentist’s practice to gather evidence against the claim. There is also a forensic account looking for any earnings coming from sources other than practicing dentistry, or other ways to manipulate data to support a strained policy interpretation and impact claims. 

Surveillance is a tool often utilized.  DMS has used surveillance in mental health claims, even arguing that someone smiling while being surveilled could not be depressed.  And of course there are the insurance company’s lawyers, who are looking for loopholes in the provisions in the policy.

Davies/DMS utilizes a tremendous number of resources to protect their clients from having to pay the monthly benefit you were promised. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to fight back to protect your claim.

Newfield Law Group is experienced with the strategies and staffing that goes into fighting when a claim has been denied by Davies/DMS.  We know their experts and their attorneys, and they know us. 

If you’ve received communication from Davies/DMS about your Long Term Disability insurance claim, please contact us. You’ll have an opportunity to speak with Disability Attorney Jason Newfield about your claim, how Davies/DMS will try to challenge your claim, and what options you have.

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