Montana Long Term Disability Lawyers

In Montana, from the bustling city life of Billings to the tranquil expanse of Glacier National Park, individuals dealing with long-term disability insurance claims face significant hurdles. Newfield Law Group represents people in Montana who have been confronted with delays, denials or terminations of short-term and long-term disability insurance claims.

The journey through the claims process is fraught with challenges, as insurance companies employ comprehensive strategies to find reasons to deny or delay benefits. While these tactics are standard operating procedures within the insurance industry, they create significant obstacles for individuals, impacting their lives and financial security. 

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Why do insurance companies contest long-term disability claims in Montana? 

As long as there have been insurance companies, they have deployed the skills of actuaries, economists and mathematicians to develop and refine a way to analyze claims to learn what the long-term cost of claims will be. The resulting data shows how profits for the insurance company is impacted by the number of claims being paid. Your disability claim is one of millions, part of a large calculation impacting profits and losses. The insurance company is counting on a certain number of claims being denied, and of those claims, a certain number of people deciding they are not able or willing to fight back.

The Importance of an ERISA Appeals Lawyer in Montana

For Montana residents handling long-term disability claims, especially those regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), expert legal representation is essential. ERISA stipulates a complex set of rules and deadlines for filing disability claims and appeals, presenting a challenging environment that demands skilled navigation. An experienced ERISA appeals lawyer is crucial for ensuring that your claim is properly prepared and vigorously defended.

Applying for long-term disability benefits requires meticulous and comprehensive documentation from the outset and throughout any appeals process. Inaccuracies or gaps in this documentation can severely impact the viability of a claim. Our firm focuses on proactively identifying and addressing potential issues early on, collaborating closely with healthcare providers, medical specialists, occupational professionals and others as needed to ensure that all supporting evidence is strong and convincing.

How to Respond to a Denied Disability Claim in Montana

If your disability claim has been denied, it is imperative to act quickly and strategically to protect your rights. The denial letter will provide detailed reasons for the denial and specify a strict deadline for filing an appeal. It’s simply too risky for an untrained inexperienced person to manage. Jason Newfield has represented lawyers and insurance executives who thought they could manage their own claims, but learned quickly they were no match for massive insurance companies.

Our extensive experience with ERISA appeals emphasizes the need for a detailed and strategic approach, which includes gathering additional, specific information about your employment, the demands of your job, and any essential medical records that may have been initially overlooked.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to Montana residents to discuss your claim, review the strategies used by the insurance company, and explore your options for effectively challenging their decision. The ERISA claims and appeals process is intricate and requires proper guidance.

Do not see a claim denial as the end of your legal journey. Contact us at 877-406-7883 to learn more about why your claim was denied and what can be done about it. Don’t delay, as deadlines are stringent.

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