New Hampshire Long Term Disability Lawyers

In New Hampshire, from the lively streets of Manchester to the peaceful expanses of the White Mountains, individuals navigating long-term disability insurance claims confront significant challenges to obtaining their benefits. Newfield Law Group represents New Hampshire residents when their long term disability insurance claim has been denied.

The procedure for handling these claims is filled with intricacies, as insurance companies utilize sophisticated methods to identify reasons to deny or delay benefits. Although these practices are typical within the insurance sector, they pose considerable obstacles for individuals, impacting their financial security and quality of life. 

We hear the question often: why would a disability insurance company challenge long-term disability claims in New Hampshire? Unfortunately, the insurance company is structured to generate profits and this means minimizing benefits paid to claimants, even when they are deserving and after paying premiums for years. 

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The Value of an ERISA Appeals Lawyer in New Hampshire

For those in New Hampshire dealing with long-term disability claims governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), securing skilled legal representation is crucial to the success of a claim when it’s been denied.  ERISA is a federal law which prescribes a detailed set of rules and deadlines for disability claims and appeals, forming a complex legal framework that necessitates skilled guidance. An experienced  ERISA disability lawyer is essential for ensuring that your claim is thoroughly prepared and forcefully defended.

The process of applying for long-term disability benefits demands precise and exhaustive documentation, which is crucial from the start of the initial application through to any appeals. Any discrepancies or omissions can significantly undermine the effectiveness of a claim. Our firm is proactive in spotting and rectifying potential issues early on  to ensure that all submitted evidence is complete and compelling.

How to Respond to a Denied Disability Claim in New Hampshire

If your disability claim has been denied, it is imperative to act promptly and strategically to safeguard your rights. The denial letter will outline the reasons for the denial and indicate a strict deadline for filing an appeal. There’s simply too much at stake to try and do this without the help of a professional. Our extensive experience with ERISA appeals underscores the importance of a meticulous and informed approach, including compiling detailed information about your employment, the tasks and duties necessary to perform your occupation, and any vital medical records that may have been overlooked initially.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to residents of New Hampshire to discuss your claim, review the strategies employed by the insurance company, and determine your best options for effectively challenging their decisions. Navigating the complexities of ERISA claims and appeals can be daunting and typically requires specialized knowledge and careful planning.

We invite you to call the Newfield Law Group at 877-406-7883 to discuss your situation with Jason Newfield. He will provide you with insights about your disability claim and what you may be up against. The call is free, and there’s no obligation.

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