North Carolina Long Term Disability Lawyers

In North Carolina, from the busy Research Triangle of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill areas to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, residents contending with long-term disability insurance claims encounter numerous challenges. Newfield Law Group can represent North Carolina residents faced with the daunting challenge of having their disability insurance claim denied or terminated.

Long term disability insurance companies are known for making buying a policy easy and receiving benefits difficult. Our office speaks with people every single day who are stunned when their long term disability claim has been wrongfully denied. We hear the stories of people who can’t get out of bed being told they can work as a dentist or those who can’t sit for any length of time because of orthopedic issues being told they can certainly continue to perform surgery.

The process of filing and managing these claims is fraught with difficulties, as insurance companies have many layers of claims workers who seek to uncover reasons for denying or delaying benefits. 

While these practices are commonplace within the insurance industry, they result in substantial hardships for individuals, affecting their financial well-being and quality of life. Why is it that long term disability insurance companies present such obstacles to claimants in North Carolina? 

It’s far less costly for any disability insurance company to pay benefits than it is to deny the claim. If the insurance company loses the battle, it doesn’t make a big difference. For the claimant, the difference between obtaining their benefits and not can change their family’s future.

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The Necessity of an ERISA Appeals Lawyer in North Carolina

For residents of North Carolina facing long-term disability claims, particularly those governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the expertise of a specialized attorney is essential. ERISA is a federal law applied to disability policies that are part of employee benefits.  ERISA establishes a rigorous set of rules and deadlines for disability claims and appeals, creating a complex legal environment that requires skilled navigation. An experienced ERISA appeals lawyer is crucial for ensuring that your claim is carefully prepared and robustly defended.

Applying for long-term disability benefits demands precise and thorough documentation, which is crucial for both the initial filing and any subsequent appeals. Any deficiencies or inaccuracies in this documentation can significantly undermine the strength of a claim. Our firm specializes in preemptively addressing potential issues to ensure that all supporting evidence is comprehensive and persuasive.

How to Respond to a Denied Disability Claim in North Carolina

If your disability claim has been denied, it is vital to act swiftly and strategically to protect your rights. The denial letter will detail the reasons for the denial and give you the deadline for filing an appeal. Be aware this deadline is firm, and failing to respond in time could mean you lose your right to appeal permanently.

Handling this appeal on your own can be overwhelming and may potentially complicate your case further. Our extensive experience with ERISA appeals highlights the importance of a detailed and informed approach.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to North Carolina residents to discuss your claim, examine the insurance company’s tactics, and explore your options for effectively contesting their decision. The ERISA claims and appeals process is intricate and often requires a level of expertise and strategic insight that can be challenging to manage without professional assistance.

Call our office at 877-406-7883 to speak with Disability Attorney Jason Newfield about your situation. The call is free, there’s no obligation, and you’ll gain valuable insight about your claim.

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