Reliance Standard Long Term Disability Insurance Attorneys

If you have had your disability insurance claim denied by Reliance Standard Insurance Company, you have the right to fight back for your claim.  Your claim may have been administered by Matrix, owned by Reliance Standard, and often the short term disability insurance gatekeeper that preventing claimants from getting to long term disability and the financial obligations of Reliance Standard Insurance Company.  Understanding the value of your claim will help you understand just how important it is to not be one of the many people who decide they don’t know how to begin to manage their claim. 

That’s why you should contact Newfield Law Group – to learn what your next steps should be and what your options are for a denied disability claim. Jason Newfield has helped many clients obtain their long term disability benefits from Reliance Standard and First Reliance Standard. Many come to Jason Newfield when their claims have been denied or terminated, while others contact him before filing a claim. He helps clients at all stages of the claims process.

Like most disability insurance companies, Reliance Standard uses denial tactics that are well known to Jason Newfield. If you have an “own occupation” disability policy, your denial letter may explain that your disability claim has been denied because you are able to work in a related occupation—even when you aren’t able to. Many claims are terminated at the any occupation definition, when they do not find someone a job, but simply state that one can do a certain job and thus are no longer entitled to benefits.

What Strategies Does Reliance Use to Deny Group or ERISA Disability Policies?

Your disability claim denial letter will include the reason for your claim being denied and the deadline you have to appeal your denial. If your disability policy is one you have through your employer, known as a “Group” or “ERISA” policy, there are very strict deadlines. If you miss the deadline, you could lose the right to appeal your claim. 

When you call Jason Newfield (877-557-5830), he’ll ask you if you have your original disability insurance policy. This is very important for Reliance and any other disability insurance claim disputes. The policy is a contract between you and the insurance company, containing provisions that spell out exactly what you need to do to qualify for disability insurance and what Reliance is obligated to do for you.

You’ll want to have the policy reviewed by Jason Newfield to gain a better understanding of what you are facing from Reliance.  Disability insurance companies use ERISA, a federal law, to control the appeals process. Your claim denial will be reviewed in an administrative process where the information has to be strong and focused. The materials in your claims file for the appeal are the only materials you can use if the appeal is unsuccessful and you need to go to litigation. They have to serve both purposes and they have to be prepared by a skilled disability attorney. 

Do I Have to Accept Reliance’s Denial of My Disability Claim?

It doesn’t matter if your Reliance disability policy is through your employer or an individual or private disability policy—you have the right to fight back.

A common strategy used by Reliance turns on the “own” occupation versus “any” occupation provision of your policy. Your disability insurance is insuring your ability to work in the occupation you have trained for. A doctor, for example, has years of training to be a doctor and that is what is insured by the disability insurance policy if it is an “own” occupation policy.

If you have an “any occupation” disability policy, expect Reliance Standard to take the position that you can work at many different occupations, even if your treating physician has told you that you can’t work at any job. Their vocational experts will make recommendations for jobs they think you can manage which are usually based on outdated job descriptions and often, are as physically or mentally impossible for you to do as your prior job.

Insufficient Medical Evidence, No Matter How Much You’ve Provided

Reliance Standard often bases denials on a lack of sufficient medical evidence. You may have given the company hundreds of reports, but the denial is less about your medical evidence than it is about Reliance Standard’s goal: stopping your claim in its tracks.

One of the many benefits of working with an experienced disability Reliance Standard attorney is the guidance in medical evidence. First, Jason Newfield will know exactly what documents Reliance is looking for to align with your particular disability. Next, the Newfield Law Group will speak with your healthcare providers to get all of the right information into your claim adjuster’s hands. We’ll also make sure you have the correct diagnostic tests performed so your medical information will be what Reliance is looking for.

We work with treating physicians all the time because they are not disability insurance attorneys, nor should they be. The doctors and their staff don’t know what you need to support your claim—but we do. We also know if you are seeing a general practitioner for a specific disability, they may not have needed you to have a particular test to make their diagnosis – but the insurance company does.  

Using Your Medical Records Against You

Reliance Standard insurance has a reputation for treating disability claimant’s medical records as a weapon against their claim. As if losing documents was not enough, the company-paid reviewing doctor or nurse is often given only a part of your medical record and they are tasked to make a diagnosis of your disability from limited materials. Reliance Standard is also known to request more information than is needed to approve claims, delaying paying benefits in the hope a claimant will give up, or that the treating doctor will get annoyed with their patient. 

Denying a claim because you did not provide enough medical evidence after you and your doctors have sent every piece of medical tests, records, diagnostics, images, etc., occurs enough times for us to see this as one of Reliance Standard’s strategies to delay and deny claims. 

Why Does Reliance Make it So Difficult to Have a Disability Claim Paid?

Simply put, it is a numbers game, and it is worth it for Reliance to deny your claim. Unlike an auto insurance claim, which is typically a one-time event and limited to the cost of the car, a disability insurance claim can easily reach a million dollars or more. Multiply your claim by millions of claims, and you can see why Reliance is motivated to deny claims.

How Can I Fight Back Against Such a Big Insurance Company?  

Disability insurance claims require the help of a professional with many years of experience and knowledge of the law and medicine. After more than two decades of successfully representing claimants against all of the disability insurance companies, Jason Newfield is a talented attorney who is deeply committed to protecting his clients.

A recent testimonial express says it best:

Mr. Newfield has done an amazing job on my case. He put me at ease on day one and throughout some challenging issues. He is extremely thorough and caring. Most importantly, he was able to help me reach the best possible outcome! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Can Jason Newfield Help Me with My Disability Claim?

Disability attorney Jason Newfield has helped claimants at every stage of the denial process when New York Life has wrongfully denied disability claims, both ERISA group and private policy claims. His knowledge and experience benefits clients who are then better able to focus on their health instead of battling with large insurance companies. 

Attorney Newfield can help if you or a loved one:

  • Has not filed a claim yet and wants information about the process and expectations.
  • Has filed a claim and is overwhelmed by the process. 
  • Has filed a claim and a request for an IME –“Independent” Medical Exam is made.
  • Has filed a claim and has been denied a claim.
  • Has tried to file an appeal unsuccessfully.
  • Wants to negotiate a settlement.
  • Needs to take their disability insurance company to court.

Call Jason Newfield at 877-557-5830 to discuss your disability claim and learn what your options are for fighting against your Reliance Standard Insurance denied or terminated claim. The call is free and there’s no obligation.