Rhode Island Long Term Disability Lawyers

In Rhode Island, from the vibrant streets of Providence to the coastal charm of Newport, individuals needing to file  long-term disability insurance claims need to be prepared to encounter numerous obstacles. Our law firm represents Rhode Island residents faced with the complexities of both short-term and long-term disability insurance claims.

The challenge of managing these claims arises from the insurance companies’ thorough tactics designed to find reasons to deny or delay payouts. While standard for the industry, these practices place immense pressure on individuals, threatening their financial health and overall well-being. This leads to the critical question: Why do insurance companies dispute long-term disability claims in Rhode Island? Insurance companies are structured on selling insurance policies – paying benefits on every claim would reduce profitability. 

For the disability insurance company, a denied claim is business as usual. For the claimant, a denied disability claim represents a financial threat. But you can fight back.

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The Critical Role of an ERISA Appeals Lawyer in Rhode Island

For residents of Rhode Island with group policies through their employer, long-term disability claims fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA prescribes a complex framework of regulations and deadlines for filing disability claims and appeals, creating a specialized legal environment that requires skilled navigation. An experienced ERISA appeals lawyer is indispensable for ensuring that your claim is meticulously prepared and effectively presented.

The application process for long-term disability benefits demands detailed and accurate documentation, essential for both the initial submission and any appeals. If your initial claim or subsequent appeals are missing information or aren’t filed on time, your claim will be denied. Our firm focuses on spotting and mitigating potential issues early, collaborating with healthcare professionals to ensure that all supporting evidence is complete and persuasive.

How to Respond to a Denied Disability Claim in Rhode Island

If your disability claim has been denied, responding swiftly and strategically is vital to protect your rights. The denial letter will specify the reasons for the denial and the deadline for filing an appeal. Handling this appeal on your own can be overwhelming especially at the same time you are dealing with extreme health conditions.

Our firm’s extensive experience with ERISA appeals emphasizes the importance of a thorough and well-informed approach, including gathering additional, detailed information about your employment, the physical or cognitive demands of your job, and any crucial medical records that may have been initially overlooked.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to Rhode Island residents to discuss your claim, analyze the insurance company’s tactics, and explore your options for effectively challenging their decision. The ERISA claims and appeals process is intricate and often requires professional guidance.

You can fight back, and you don’t have to do it on your own. Call Newfield Law Group at 877-406-7883 to speak with Jason Newfield to discuss your situation, learn what you can expect the disability insurance company to do, and consider your options.

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