South Carolina Long Term Disability Lawyers

In South Carolina, from bustling cities like Charleston and Columbia to the picturesque Low Country, individuals grappling with long-term disability insurance claims face substantial hurdles. Newfield Law Group helps residents of  South Carolina as they navigate the complexities of both short-term and long-term disability insurance claims, recognizing the significant personal and financial burdens these challenges impose.

Claimants dealing with disability insurance companies are often surprised by the denials of their benefits, not understanding the extent to which the companies go to wrongfully deny claims.   

Disability claims are denied for a variety of reasons in South Carolina. The company may say you provided insufficient medical information, failed to attend an Independent Medical Exam (which is never independent, as the doctor is paid by the insurance company) or don’t meet the definition of disability.

If your disability policy is part of your employee benefits, appealing a denial takes place within an extremely strict framework of rules and deadlines. Jason Newfield has represented clients in these appeals for more than twenty years and is a skilled disability insurance attorney. He understands the impact a denied claim can have on a family’s finances and takes his responsibility very seriously. 

Disability Attorney Jason Newfield also represents people who own policies they purchased through a broker or agent, which are known as “private” or “individual” disability insurance policy. These are often denied for the same reason – – the insurance company’s profits will be negatively impacted if it pays all claims.

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The Necessity of an ERISA Appeals Lawyer in South Carolina

For residents of South Carolina dealing with long-term disability claims under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the support of a specialized attorney is crucial. ERISA sets out a stringent framework of rules and deadlines that govern the filing and appeal of disability claims, creating a complex legal landscape that requires precise navigation. An experienced ERISA appeals lawyer is vital for ensuring that your claim is properly prepared and vigorously defended.

The application process for long-term disability benefits requires detailed and precise documentation, crucial for both the initial application and any appeals. Inaccuracies or gaps in this documentation can critically undermine the strength of a claim. Our firm proactively addresses potential issues from the onset, working in close collaboration with healthcare providers to ensure that all supporting evidence is thorough and convincing.

How to Respond to a Denied Disability Claim in South Carolina

If your disability claim has been denied, it is imperative to act quickly  to protect your rights. Don’t put the denial letter in a pile and promise yourself to deal with it later. It needs to be addressed immediately.

The denial letter will explain the reasons for the denial and stipulate a strict deadline for filing an appeal. Navigating this appeal alone can be overwhelming. Any mistakes may lead to your appeal being denied and permanently losing your benefits.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to South Carolina residents to discuss your claim, evaluate the tactics used by the insurance company, and explore your options for effectively contesting their decision. The ERISA claims and appeals process is intricate and challenging to manage without professional assistance.

Call our office at 877-406-7883 to discuss your options with Jason Newfield. The call is free, there is no obligation and you’ll have a better understanding of your claim, the insurance company and what actions you should take.

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