Overcome Lincoln Termination of Claim

LINCOLN TERMINATES LONG TERM DISABILITY CLAIM BASED UPON MANIPULATION OF IME DOCTOR WE FIGHT BACK AND OVERTURN ON APPEAL A claimant was being paid benefits by Lincoln, due to his neurological issues and ongoing impairments.  After being paid benefits throughout his own occupation period, Lincoln Financial sought to terminate the claim, despite support from his […]

Do Most Disability Claims Get Denied the First Time?

Long Term Disability Insurance Claims, whether private or individual polies or group LTD policies governed by ERISA, are frequently denied at two key points – when they are first filed, or after the first 24 months of benefits being paid (often the transition point of the definition of disability from own occupation to any occupation). […]

What is Private or Individual Disability Insurance?

Long term disability insurance is a financial product to protect working professionals and their income in the case of disability, and something that most people do not explore until they need to file a claim or become uninsurable.  Understanding what long term disability insurance is and how it works can make the difference in maintaining […]