National Long-Term Disability Insurance Law Firm

Many disability insurance claims are governed by a Federal Statute (ERISA), which means long term disability insurance claimants can be represented by an experienced ERISA attorney based in Melville New York, regardless of where the claimant lives. For more than two decades, Jason Newfield has represented people needing help with their long-term disability insurance claims across the country, at all stages of the claims process. No matter where you live, we can help guide you through the complicated disability insurance claim process.

As a national law firm, Newfield Law Group guides clients who are contemplating filing a long term disability insurance claim and assists them in preparing their claim to proactively protect their claim. We also represent claimants and policy owners when their claim has been denied, or terminated, when they need to file an appeal of that determination, and when necessary, we aggressively advocate when litigation against the insurance company is required. 

Why A Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney is Best for a Long Term Disability Claim

Some situations call for a local attorney with local connections. This is true when it comes to real estate, where a local attorney will be familiar with local zoning laws, town requirements, etc. The same goes for an estate planning attorney, as estate law is state-specific.

Disability insurance law, however, needs the special attention of an experienced disability insurance attorney. This area of law requires knowledge regarding insurance, medicine and federal law and federal court.  Representation by an experienced disability insurance (ERISA) claims attorney is critical when the stakes are so high. You want to know that the person handling your case has successfully battled with the insurance companies for other people like you.  See our testimonials and success stories.

Even if we do not personally know the claims adjuster who denied your claim, chances are good that Jason Newfield has represented clients and handled many cases against the same insurance company that denied your claim. He knows the tactics they use, the expert witnesses they rely upon, and the insurance company doctors and even attorneys who are all working together to deny your disability claim.

Jason Newfield is well known by his colleagues on the claimant side as well as by his adversaries. For many years, he has spoken at professional conferences to lawyers on both sides of the disability battle – developing relationships and providing his clients with a distinct advantage to leverage.  He is known for his aggressive and passionate representation and dedication to his clients, which is respected by his adversaries – even those who have lost their cases against him.

How Can Jason Newfield Represent You in Another State? 

Newfield Law Group represents people from all states when their disability claims have been denied, delayed, or terminated for private or individual policies or group (ERISA) policies they receive through work and their employer.  Jason has worked with clients nationwide for more than two decades, staying at the forefront of legal technology.  Email and video conferences make location less important than ever before.   We encourage you to contact our office for a free consultation of the issues.