Project Manager and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Project managers with serious illnesses or injuries preventing them from working are faced with specific challenges when it comes to long term disability insurance claims. The following article explains why, along with what the project manager can expect when filing a claim for long term disability insurance benefits.

Higher Stress Levels and Higher Salaries

Project Managers typically earn high salaries, a result of their important role as a driving force behind the successful completion of projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget.  The role of a Project Manager is multifaceted, demanding a blend of strategic planning, effective communication, and strong leadership.

As a direct result of earning a high salary, long term disability benefits for a project manager are high as well, which is a key determinant in how the claim is treated. The higher the benefit, the more intensely the third party administrator or claims manager will scrutinize the claim. 

Project Managers must be highly organized, capable of managing multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. Their cognitive skills must operate at a very high level as they manage tasks and people to achieve success. In many cases, their financial reparation is tied to the success of the project, adding a further level of stress to their professional life. 

As a result, there is little or no room for any kind of cognitive disability. A series of poor decisions made as a result of having difficulty processing high level concepts and tasks means an expensive and possibly dangerous failure for projects. 

The Project Manager who has trouble thinking clearly and files for long term disability faces another challenge. Insurance companies are known for attempting to change the nature of a disability, and cognitive disabilities are relatively easy to mis-characterize as mental/nervous claims. This puts a severe time limit on the claim – typically twenty four months – leaving the project manager with an extremely limited time to collect benefits. 

On-site visits are part of the job for most project managers, whether to a factory under construction or a massive public work like a bridge or water infrastructure. These are not cozy office buildings where a quick step onto the elevator is all that’s needed. Project managers are usually seen donning hard hats to go into dangerous job sites, climbing up ramps, going on the temporary elevators constructed on the outside of tall buildings. It is not a sedentary job. 

Navigating Risks and Challenges

Property management is a demanding profession that requires a unique blend of skills, from managing tenant relationships to maintaining properties and ensuring legal compliance. While it can be a rewarding career, being a property manager also comes with significant risks and challenges.  

Newfield Law Group handles disability insurance claims at all stages of the process, helping our project manager clients in several ways:

  • We Review Your Disability Policies and Identify Claim Issues: Spotting issues, before they become claim problems is often critical to a claimant, and be doing so, we provide our clients with guidance at important stages.
  • Policy Analysis and Planning: Our first step is to review your disability insurance policy and address key terms that will govern the claim.  The policy terms are the roadmap to the treasure (benefits), and we must clearly understand the terms and what benefits, limitations and other concerns exist, ensuring that your claim is developed from the outset to maximize the benefits you are entitled to under your policy.
  • We Manage All Contact with Your Insurance Company: To both relieve the anxiety of the interactions, and for claim advocacy, Newfield Law Group handles all claim interactions with your insurance company.  This relieves you of the burden of navigating complex communications, and potentially getting trapped in communications with the insurance. . 
  • We Help Develop Powerful Evidence and Claim Support: Supporting your claim with medical evidence is critical.  Gathering compelling evidence is crucial in substantiating disability claims for architects.  Whether we need functional testing, medical review support, or vocational assessments, we work to ensure your claim is well developed with proper support.
  • We Guide the Process and Address Claim Investigative Tools:  Disability insurance companies utilize a variety of investigative tools during the claim process, including surveillance, examinations, field visits and interviews.  We are involved and intervene where necessary to ensure our clients are treated fairly during the claim process.
  • We Handle Appeals of Denied or Terminated Claims:  If your disability insurance claim is denied or terminated The Newfield Law Group is prepared to assist you with the appeals process.  We prepare a comprehensive appeal which leverages our extensive knowledge of disability insurance claims.  We provide a thorough and complete product containing powerful support, which undercuts the claim decision and results in our clients’ claim being reinstated.
  • We Litigate Cases When Necessary: If your disability appeal is denied, The Newfield Law Group is prepared to assist you with litigation, where appropriate.  We have for two decades represented claimants effectively in Federal courts.  We are committed to advocating for your rights and ensuring that you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve facing disability challenges.

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